Thursday, October 30, 2014

Glamper Remodel: Getting to the Heart of the Glamper

As my little glamper was a little rough on the insides (peeling veneer, original vinyl tile floor and water damage), it was necessary for me to open her up from both ends so that the bench seats, base kitchen cabinet and stove and stove cabinet could come out! Using the tips of marking the sides of the camper from my last post, I removed the windows from the front and back so that I could remove the aluminum skin from both ends.

Tip: use painters tape and permanent marker to label ALL pieces you remove. Also note if they are from the curb side (side of camper with door) or from the street side and with an "up" arrow.

1970's era AC unit removed from center position of front window

front window and eyebrow to be removed
Start removing the million little nails holding the "roof" skin down.Work gently so as not to damage the aluminum. Then proceed to remove the framing and interior paneling from the ends.

Wash, rinse and repeat at the rear of the camper! 
Don't forget to place that aluminum skin where it wont get damaged. I stored some under my camper and some I screwed to my fence in the backyard (using existing screw holes of course)

Happy Glamping!

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Glamper Remodel: Starting the Demolition (and a little construction)

I equate restoring one of these beauties with peeling a hard boiled egg. First, you need to peel the shell, then take off the white to get to the yolk.  It is labor intensive, but if yours has as much mold as mine did, then it is necessary and the easiest way to replace all the interior paneling.

So using those handy tools I told you about, start removing the drip  (or "J") rail, and any windows that are in the way of removing the aluminum skin. after removing the million screws/nails holding the front/top/back skin on, gently move it out of your way.  Before removing any frame, use a permanent marker to note their location in the sides of the trailer. 

These notes will help when it is time to reassemble everything. (Also, DO NOT throw anything away, at least until you know you are done with that piece.) Removed pieces will be your template for new, and some items are IMPOSSIBLE to replace.

I'm getting a little ahead with these next photos, but I wanted to show how those marking would be used later during reconstruction.
Rear view showing new interior wood paneling and wood framing. (not shown: "curbing at outside edge)

When removing the interior paneling, remove and replace each piece one at a time. This will help your trailer remain "square" and insure that the removed skin will still fit!

Curbing in place, support for tail lights and insulation installed

 Vapor barrier on top of insulation

I you are rebuilding or replacing any interior paneling on the side walls, remove any cabinets, or replace the floor you will need to leave the front end and back end open until all the interior work is complete.

Happy Glamping!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Glamper Remodel: Tools you will need

When remodel-storing one of the beauties, you might face a few challenges. They REALLY don't want to "give up their secrets" without a struggle.

Sometimes the screw (hex head) in my case will refuse to budge.  I fount that while using the screwdriver (or socket driver) and tapped with a hammer will free them up. But, to remove those pesky screws that are either stripped or "spin" freely you will want to invest in these little beauties that can be found here.

Lee Valley Tools LTD.

 After you remove all that "J" rail, windows, and service doors, and eyebrows you will need paint stripper, "SOS" cleaning pads, steel wool and aluminum polish to make things really shine. Here are some of the products I found through trial and error that work the best. (And no, I'm not a paid sponsor and your results just might differ from mine. Just trying to save you some $$ is all.)

(all can be found at your local Walmart)

Using the above will help take you from this

 Happy Glamping!

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